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Giant Bed of Winterfeld
Giant Bed of Winterfeld

The church keeps its distance but is the neighbor of a large megalithic grave. The Winterfeld hunebed was of double length, until in 1840 a restructuring plan and the erection of the barn in 1866 the grave was destroyed. Many stones were used for the fundaments of the barn. Also, the corner stone, which had 3 m height, was crushed. Now there are still 15 stones of the wall of the chamber, plus 17 stones of the outer fence of the mound of sand, that was raised upon the chamber. There was an entry tunnel at one side, that was built from 4 wall and 3 capstones, which was recovered only 1977 during reconstruction work. These reconstructions include a white lime stone plate and three sill stones, as well as one of the corner stones having 9 tonnes of weight.

Those graves were used for a whole kin. Some walls have more than 100 m in length and contain two or more stone chambers. They were in use for long periods. The walls were bordered with "smaller" erratic blocks, that now are often missing.

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Age:> 3800
Town:29416 Winterfeld
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Picture date:27.09.2008 10:01:00

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